Mr. Click App Ramadan Special Offers 2022

Welcome to today’s best income app post! On the occasion of the month of Ramadan (Mr Click App) is giving a great offer!
This app you will not get the income app Mr Click in the Play Store because it is the original income app so the Play Store has been removed. You need to download this app from this web site.

Mr Click App: In this income app you can earn money in five ways such as: Spin and watch videos and refer.
How much money can you get by spinning Mr Click App?
There are three spin options (Easy Spin) and you will get 50 taka for every 10 spins. (Normal Spin) After every 10 spins you will get 60 taka. And (Hard Spin) after every 10 spins you will get 70 taka!

How much money can be earned by watching videos on Mr Click App?
If you watch one minute video, you can get from 80 rupees to 111 bdt! Besides, if you watch 2 to 3 minutes video, you will get 120 taka.

How to make money by referring to Mr Click App?
You will get 50 rupees for each referral and watch this complete video on how to refer. If you don’t watch the video then you can’t refer and if you don’t refer then you won’t get money.
How To Refer Mr Click App? Watch Video:

Copy To Mr Click App Refer Code:

How To Download Mr Click App?
Mr Click App Learn how to download the app! First copy the referrer code, then click on the download button, it will take you to Google Drive, then you will get the download icon, if you click there, new option will open, it will be written

Mr Click App How to open an account in Income App?
To open an account you will need 3 things, first a Gmail and a referral code and a phone number. Watch the video to know the details


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