TikTok Video Watch & Earn Money Refer 2024

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Many of you know and many do not know that income can be made in TikTok. People used to earn lakhs of rupees by referring to TikTok and watching videos. But now you can’t earn income by watching those referrals and videos. However, we have come up with a way that you can earn money by watching referrals and videos from TikTok as before and you can Bkash that money and recharge your mobile!

We have mentioned in a video and this article about how to earn it. You can watch the video if you want!

If you want to earn money, you must first download the app provided by us. Then you have to open any of your accounts and refer with that account and you can earn money from that TikTok account.

Many may wonder why TikTok will give us income? Or TikTok has closed the income option! Or is the app you are giving a fake app?

Not so much that the app we will give is the old version of TikTok. The version that TikTok gave income before, and we will give you the old version, you will earn it by downloading it from the Play Store.

And for every one referral you will get 30 Taka and for every 10 referrals you will get 3 thousand taka. If you make 10 referrals in one day, you will get 3 thousand BDT! And if you refer at 9 o’clock in one day, you will get 270 BDT as 30 BDT.

And if you watch TikTok video for 1 hour, you will get 5 Taka.

This way you can earn income. And I’m making income my self.

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